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How Gaining Greatness got started

Gaining Greatness was chosen as the main company for the online empire I wanted to create! Gaining Greatness was created by Jack Smith in the hopes of helping to reach more people with information that can help them in their lives. Gaining Greatness is made up of many different parts of a business in several niches. One of the top goals we had was making Gaining Greatness diverse and more accessible to people on a larger scale, rather than just wealthier individuals.

Gaining Greatness specializes in business, entrepreneurship, marketing, health, fitness and other related niche specialties that help people in their lives learning and achieving various goals they set for themselves. We also strive to make our products and services affordable so that more people are able to gain access. We make it affordable so that we can continue to do studies and develop products and services that are beneficial in more people's lives.

Figure Out Your Goals

What are your goals? Are they to start a business, sell more, grow a business, lose weight, build muscle?  

Take The Time To Learn

We have some courses, memberships and services available to help people with achieving their goals!

Plan and Take Action

Using the information we teach or services we provide you can take action towards achieving results towards your goals!

Repeat For More Goals

Gaining Greatness isn't something that happens quickly and many people never achieve their true greatness because there's always more to learn or do. By continuously repeating the process to achieve more goals we become greater by educating ourselves, evolving and adapting over time.

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What Others Are Saying

"Brand Influenced helped me with marketing my business to gain more customers, this allowed me to build my business faster than I thought possible."

Marie Fischer 


"Unorthodox Training helped me lose weight. By following and trusting the information and training information provided I was able to lose weight and continue to work towards health and fitness goals."

Daniel Parker


"Brand The Public has helped me to grow my local and online presence to help me build more authority within my niche."

Joanna Martin

IT Consultant

Data Analysis & Case Studies

We Have Gone Through Research

We have gone through an enormous amount of published case studies to analyze data.

Conducted Case Studies

We have conducted several case studies for various topics such as search engine optimization, lead generation, and advertising.

Best Teaching Methods

We tested different teaching methods and strategies so that information can be taught and understood in the best way possible!

Best Way To Continue Reproducing Success

We conducted studies for modeling success or reproducing success based off information taught so that more people can learn, take action, and achieve success.


Figure out how gaining greatness can help you achieve your greatness!