About Gaining Greatness

Gaining Greatness is the creation of Jack Smith. I am Jack Smith, and you can learn more about me here at JackSmithJr.com It is the parent company for my software, membership courses, podcasts, and other creations or businesses that I start or come up with. Gaining Greatness is a combination of health, fitness, business, entrepreneurship, and other niches combining. It’s important to note that Gaining Greatness seeks to inspire others to take control of more aspects of their life and Gaining Greatness is meant to help spread positivity!

Many people told me Jack you can’t be successful operating across multiple niches or in several different fields of work. I said well I will learn what I need to know for my fields of interest and I will explore, test, and create my own methods of operating in multiple fields. I am proof that you can be successful in multiple fields regardless of what “people” say. Explore and find your way with your interests and passions to succeed. If you don’t know your interests figure them out as you go. Fear is a crippling thing if you let it prevent you from taking action towards your goals or desires. Learn from failures and successes to figure out what works and what improvements, adjustments, and advancements can be main to be successful.

Anyways you get the gist of why Gaining Greatness was created! BUT more in-depth I created Gaining Greatness as means to help others as well. The software I have, the courses I make, the websites I build, and the businesses I start are built to help people in many ways in their life whether it be aspirations to start their own business, want to improve their current business or they want to learn more or train more in terms of health and fitness. Many people will tell you in life “You Can’t Do This” or “You Can’t Do That”, I say screw that and figure out what you want to do and then take action towards doing what you want! You won’t really know if you can or can’t if you don’t try! Anyways… Welcome to Gaining Greatness, feel free to explore the site or the products or services offered.

You can discover the products, services, or other ways we may be able to entertain or help you by going to this page: Gaining Greatness Websites & Programs

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