Refund Policy

Refund Policy for Gaining Greatness

Gaining Greatness offers full refunds on various numbers of days from the date of your purchase on digital programs, check the refund policy on the particular website you purchased through to see more details. However, if you have received a refund for a course in the past, you are not eligible for full refunds for future courses. All full refunds are full refunds minus the transaction costs. (Quick Explanation: Some people like to try to take advantage of our membership programs or digital products by paying to gain access to content and then request refunds so they can try to continuously see our new membership content without paying because they get refunds. Due to this sort of abuse that is why we only allow one full refund on our membership or digital programs.) Any authorized refunds after the initial number of days specified on the website you purchase through will be partial refunds. Any refund requests 60 days or more after purchase will not receive a refund at all as you have had ample amount of time to request a refund prior to this. After a refund is issued your membership to our programs, training, and such will be canceled and you will no longer have access.

Please email: for any questions or concerns regarding your program or you can use the contact page of our website to contact us.

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